Enjoying the San Juan Islands National Monument from the Cypress Island Reserve
Enjoying views of Mt. Baker and the San Juan Islands.
Kayak camping at Blind Island State Park, in the San Juan Islands, Washington State
The beautiful camp site on Blind Island State Park.
Close encounter kayaking with Orca whales in the San Juan Islands
A close pass! Kayaking with whales.
The outstanding views of the San Juans from the top of Eagle Cliff, Cypress Island Washington
The amazing views on Cypress Island.
Relaxing around the campfire at Jones Island State Park, near Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington.
Gathering around the campfire on Jones Island Marine Park.
Encountering sea lions while kayaking near Sucia Island State Park, San Juan Islands, Washington.
Stellar sea lions near Sucia Island State Park
A gorgeous day of sea kayaking in the San Juan islands. Anacortes, Washington
Calm waters near Anacortes, Washington.
Clowning around in a sea kayak near the Cypress Island Reserve, San Juan Islands
A playful moment, kayaking at Cypress Island
Children enjoying a hands-on wildlife experience while kayaking in the San Juan Islands
Hands on wildlife experiences in the San Juans!

Self-Catered Multi-day Kayaking

Wasp Islands (from Anacortes)
$640 Adults / $615 Kids 12 and under
One Way: San Juan – Anacortes
$705 Adults / $680 Kids 12 and under
Sucia Island
$705 Adults / $680 Kids 12 and under

Into the San Juans
$585 Adults / $560 Kids 12 and under

Cypress Island Reserve
$400 Adults / $375 Kids 12 and under
From San Juan Island
$500 Adults / $475 Kids 12 and under
Sucia Island
$500 Adults / $475 Kids 12 and under

Cypress Island
$275 Adults / $250 Kids 12 and under

Prices do not include WA sales tax.

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Prepare for your trip!

Many of you are active people who often plan your own adventures. You already know how to camp, have all the gear, and enjoy the whole process of creating your own meals. You don’t necessarily need the luxuries of having an all-inclusive and fully catered trip. What you really want to do is to utilize the equipment that you already have, incorporate it into a great sea kayaking experience in the San Juan Islands, and you want to save a few bucks in the process!

We hear you loud and clear! Our Self-Catered Multi-day Kayaking option is the perfect solution for you. We’ve been doing this for years now, and every year more and more folks are choosing this alternative as a great way for them to use the equipment that they are familiar with, control their own meal plans, as well as save hundreds of dollars.

Theses trips are exactly the same experience. In fact, we often have mixed groups where some guests are using our gear, and our guides are preparing the meals in camp, while others are having a great time alongside them while creating their own cuisine.

It is a simple concept, here’s how it works:

  • We will provide all of the paddling related equipment (boats, life-jackets, paddles, dry bags, etc), as well as one of our awesome guides to show you around. All you need to bring is your own camping gear (tents, pads, sleeping bags, kitchen kit), and your food.
  • Our guides will look after the usual details of the trip, and see that you are comfortable and having fun. (They will look after their own meals too, so you don’t have to worry about providing anything for them, we’ll take care of that).
  • If you do not have a stove that travels well then we can provide one for you for a $10 rental fee. 8oz MSR propane fuel canisters are $12 each.

What to Bring on a Self-Catered Trip

The amount of storage space available in the kayaks is the main limiting factor in deciding what to bring on your trip. If you are planning to reserve single kayaks, careful packing becomes even more critical. It is always a good idea to talk to either Megan or Erik when you are preparing for your departure so that you can avoid any complications on the day of the trip.

Here’s a simple list to give you some ideas: (You can also go to our All You Need To Know page for more ideas.)

  • Tent/Sleeping Bag/Sleeping Pad—“backpacker” type gear works better than “car camping” style. Compressible sleeping bags are essential. Call if you have questions.
  • Kitchen Kit—Small pots, utensils, cutting knives, small camp stoves, fuel canisters, plates and bowls, coffee filter, mug/cup, zip-loc bags for leftovers and food storage.
  • Personal Toiletries—Whatever you need. Remember that there are no showers at the island camp areas, and water is a precious commodity. Cypress Island trips require that you carry in your own water supply, as do several other islands out here.
  • Water—Depending on which trip you are on, you may need to bring all of your own water. We recommend bringing at least two 1L bottles (Nalgene style) for use during the day and water bladders, or gallon jugs from a grocery (with screw top!). Call us and we’ll give you our ideas on what seems appropriate for your trip.
  • Food—We provide dry bags for your dry food. Additionally, if you’d like to bring a cooler full of food items, we can fit a cooler of the following dimensions into our expeditions boats: 12.5"h x 22"l x 13"d. If you’ve opted for a single kayak on your multi-day trip, you’ll have to pack a soft-shell cooler.
  • Clothing—Layers are best. We recommend two sets of clothes, one for paddling and one for camp. Avoid cotton if possible, once it gets wet it will stay wet for your whole trip. Bring light base layers, mid-layers, and warmer outer layer. Warm jacket. A rain coat/pants may be necessary. Brimmed hat. Wool or fleece hat. Enough socks/underwear to make you happy. Daytime temperatures are generally mild (65-75F), and night temperatures can cool down to the low 50’s. A lot depends on what time of the season you’ll be joining us.
  • Shoes—One pair that can get wet for paddling, one pair for camp. Running style shoes work great for camp. Big hiking boots are difficult to pack. Consider the weather though.
  • Sunglasses
  • Binoculars
  • Sunscreen
  • Medications—Please let us know if you have any conditions that we need to be aware of.
  • Camera/ Headlamp or Flashlight/ extra batteries
  • Extra Zip Loc bags—These are super handy for keeping small things dry.

This list is meant only as a guideline to help you decide what to bring. Please feel welcome to call if you have any questions. Remember, space is at a premium, so try not to pack the kitchen sink. :)

We had a wonderful trip. Blake was a great guide. Very relaxed and nice pace. The side trip to the light house was magical, and nice to get out and stretch. You do a good job of getting people out on the water safely and comfortably. The equipment was top notch. Well done!!! We will let friends know about the great trip we had.

Thanks again!
Barbara Beattie

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