Prepare for Your Multiday Adventure

Meeting Place and Time

For our Multi-Day Kayak Trips please meet at our store (2009 Skyline Way) at 8:00 a.m for all trips departing from Anacortes, unless instructed otherwise by our office staff. We are located just past the Anacortes Ferry Terminal, in Skyline Marina. We like to try and get you on the water as early as possible to maximize your day.

Gear You Will Need

Every person will be assigned 2 20L dry bags and 1 10L dry bag for their gear.

The San Juan Islands have a very mild climate during the summer months. Most trips will experience temperatures around 70° F during the day, and mid-50s at night. Rain is not common, but be aware of the weather and come prepared accordingly.

  • Long under wear- polypropylene or something synthetic, top and bottom
  • Shorts (1 pair, pereferably non-cotton)
  • Pants (1 pair, preferably non-cotton)
  • T-shirts (2-3 depending on the trip length)
  • Sweatshirt (fleece or synthetic, cotton will not dry) or some other insulating shirt. (2)
  • Underwear (enough to make you happy)
  • Socks (enough to make you happy, 4 pairs should be plenty)
  • Light rain jacket and rain pants
  • Water compatible shoes (Tevas, Chacos, water socks, old tennis shoes, etc)
  • Shoes for camp (light running or hiking shoes are great)
  • Baseball cap, or brimmed hat.
  • Wool or fleece hat for camp
  • Sunglasses! (You will definitely want these!)
  • Binoculars
  • Two water bottles, One liter each (please fill them at the store, or before you arrive)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Headlamp or flashlight, with extra batteries
  • Book, playing cards, journal
  • Any favorite snacks (we’ll provide a lot, but you may have special preferences)
  • Small camera (bring zip-loc bags to protect it)
  • Personal medications, as needed, including painkillers (we have First Aid kits, but prefer to keep our medications for emergencies.)
  • Allergy medications—if you are allergic to bees, please bring an epi-pen!
  • Sleeping Bag, must be compressible to fit into one of the 20L dry bags. (we have bags to rent for a nominal $25 cleaning fee)
  • Beer or wine, if you like (for insurance reasons we cannot provide alcohol)
  • Toiletries
  • A small hand towel
  • Earplugs
  • Any personal items that you cannot live without during your trip.

Anacortes Kayak Tours will provide

Age Limits

If you have younger kids (under 12) then please call before making a reservation.

Anacortes Kayak Tours prides itself on being the most family-friendly kayaking company in the San Juan Islands. We consider your kids to be an investment in the future and we want to get them out on the water and developing an active lifestyle and an appreciation of the natural world!

That being said, kids under 12 are best suited on private trips for better group dynamics and safety on the water.

Weight Limits

For your safety and comfort we have weight limit of 265 pounds (per person) in tandems, and 225 pounds (per person) in singles. Call if you have any questions.

Health / Physical Limits

Our #1 priority is to bring you home safely. In the extremely unlikely event of a capsize we need to know that you are physically capable of keeping your face above the water (oxygen promotes better living), that you are able in some fashion to assist with the rescue, and that your heart can take the stress of the immersion and exertion of an unplanned accident. If you think that you may be at risk then please call us to discuss possibilities. We’d love to try and help you find a solution, and if possible to get you out on the water. If you have other health related issues then please let us know at the time of booking so that we can note it and be prepared, particularly things like diabetes that can be fairly easily controlled.

Deafness and blindness will not prevent you from enjoying our tours, but please let us know at the time of booking.

If you have any health issues on the day of your trip, please pull your guide aside and let him or her know. This includes even small issues (like diarrhea) that can turn a great trip into a nightmare for you. Our guides can then plan the trip accordingly.


We have a 60 day cancellation policy for these trips. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy page for details.


Don’t worry, even though we personally feel that cloudy and/or rainy days are the best conditions to be kayaking in, we will still take you out when the sun shines!

Seriously though, we enjoy about 250 days of sunshine per year, mostly in the summer. Even when it does sprinkle on us it rarely lasts more than a few minutes. We won’t cancel for rain.

The only weather that will cancel a trip is windy weather. Your comfort and safety are our biggest concern.

A Few Rules—Please Read!

  • No Smoking in the kayaks on these trips. This is a safety concern for us, many people get seasick after being exposed to cigarette/cigar smoke.
  • Please do not litter. Does this really need any explaining?
  • Sorry, no dogs. We like them, but they tend to tear the heck out of the boats and can disrupt the trip enjoyment of other guests.
  • Your guide needs you to follow their instructions. Please respect this.
  • Respect the wildlife who make the San Juan Islands their home. We give the whales plenty of space when they are around, we try not to frighten seals that are hauled out on the rocks, that sort of thing. Your guide will explain this more out on the water.

And at last, The Fine Print

We strive to…no, we virtually obsess about making sure that we are being entirely open and honest with our marketing language and also when we speak to people about what our trips are like. We’ve been burned before on our travels and we never want to be “that company” when you’re reminiscing with your friends later.

To assist us in placing you on the most appropriate trip please let us know if you have any special requests, concerns, or expectations when you call. That will allow us to either recommend the best trip for your needs, or at least to give you a proper explanation about what we can realistically accomplish for you.

We specialize in small group, all inclusive, multi-day sea kayak trips in the San Juans.

  • On these multi-day sea kayaking expeditions we strictly adhere to a 6 guest per guide ratio. All trips larger than 6 people will have two guides.
  • Groups of 5 or more guests can choose to have a private kayaking experience!
    (multi-day trips only)
  • A small sea kayaking group can move much more efficiently. We need less time attending to logistical issues like setting up or breaking camp and have more time for exploring and having fun in the San Juan Islands.
  • All camping and kayaking equipment is provided, as are all meals, including lunches.

The longer multi-day sea kayaking expeditions are best suited for folks in reasonably good shape. Occasionally there is a need to make a long push to get to the next campsite and we would not want to wear anyone out on a long crossing. We actually design these trips to be a little more physically involved. 5 day trips might average 8-10 miles per day paddling.

Anacortes Kayak Tours reserves the right to change or cancel available departure dates and prices. Once you book a kayak tour with us we will run it, as long as weather conditions permit us to conduct a safe sea kayaking excursion.

On multiday kayaking trips we do have a minimum of two people to run the trip, this is a matter of safety, not economics.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions or would like additional details on any of our trips.

This trip to Cypress Island was my first experience kayaking in the San Juan Islands, or Puget Sound. I was glad to realize how much personal interest you two owners took in the guests, yet not over-selling your business, and in providing what I considered was a perfect tour. I would recommend Anacortes Kayak Tours to anyone interested in kayaking in the San Juans.

Warm regards from both of us,
Cynthia Dietz and Susan Larsen

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