4-Day Trips

An Orca whale encounter while sea kayaking in the Puget Sound, Washington State.
Kayaking with Orca whales in the Puget Sound.
A sea kayak tour paddles through the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State.
Sea kayakers enjoy a calm morning in the San Juan Islands.
Unobstructed views of the inner San Juan Islands while camping at Blind Island Marine State Park
Kayak camping on Blind Island Marine State Park.
A family enjoys camping on Jones Island during a kayak tour in the San Juan Islands.
Family friendly kayak camping trips in the San Juans
A peaceful day of sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands National Monument of Washington State.
A peaceful afternoon of kayaking in the San Juan Islands.
Kayaks at the Pelican Beach camp area on Cypress Island. San Juan Islands, Washington.
Seaside camping at Pelican Beach, on Cypress Island.
Taking a lunch break to enjoy the view of Mt. Baker. Kayaking from Anacortes to Cypress Island.
Looking at the Cone Islands, and Mt Baker, from Cypress Island
Seals resting on Sucia Island watch us as we go kayaking to the camp site.
Curious seals watch us pass by on Sucia Island
Eagle Cliff on Cypress Island rewards kayakers with an incredible view of the San Juan Islands.
The views from Eagle Cliff on Cypress Island. The best in the San Juans!
A happy couple inspects the kelp and amazing geology of Sucia Island State Park.
Inspecting the kelp, and the amazing geology of Sucia Island State Park.

4 day kayaking expedition
all inclusive for $749 Adults
$725 Kids 12 and under

self-catered for $585 Adults
$560 Kids 12 and under

Limited number of Single Kayaks available!

May–October 11th
Call for availability

Trips meet in Anacortes at 8:00 a.m. on the day of departure to check in and begin packing.

Return time varies, usually we will arrive late in the afternoon, depending on the tides and weather.

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On this rewarding 4-Day Kayak Camping Expedition we will take you right into the least visited side of the San Juan Islands. By the end of it you’ll get the San Juan Islands spirit so far under your skin that you may not want to go home! Gliding silently through the scenery, your kayak can get up close and personal with everything that makes this part of the north Puget Sound so special.

For four days we will set about to see all that we can see as we make our way off of the beaten path. Our exact itinerary is never set in stone because we like to see what each day brings so that we can maximize our fun. It also eliminates the feeling that you are on some sort of cookie-cutter sea kayak tour. Like all of our multi-day activities, this is truly an expedition that we want you to be a part of. Our guests help us create unique adventures on every outing.

Most trips paddle out on a grand tour that may include the boat-in only James Island State Marine Park, Obstruction Pass State Park on Orcas Island, Doe Island State Marine Park, and the truly outstanding Cypress Island Reserve. Some trips may even go to the very popular Spencer Spit State Park on Lopez Island. Bald eagles, pods of porpoise, and of course the ubiquitous Harbor seals are just a few of the critters who will grace us with their presence while we explore the area.

We’ve encountered Humpback whales, Transient (mammal-eating) Orca whales, and Resident Killer whales with increasing frequency over recent years, as well as visits from an expanding population of the grizzly-bear sized Stellar sea lions. At camp on James Island there are trails leading to amazing views, and on Cypress Island there is more hiking than you’d be able to accomplish in a week, including the jaw-dropping world-class vista on top of Eagle Cliff. Other, less strenous, camp activities on all the islands include browsing through the intertidal zone, finding that perfect skipping stone, or the all-important task of inspecting cloud formations.

This trip gives you the chance to paddle through the best of the eastern San Juan Islands. WIth the chance to explore the seldom visited shorelines of privately owned Blakely Island, Decatur Island, and Obstruction Island. Paddle near the Willow Island National Wildlife Refuge, or maybe photograph seals hauled out on Rim, Ram, and Rum Islands in Lopez Pass. With no ferry hassles to deal with you are out on your paddling adventure right away, and with so much to see you’ll want to get an early start! On this four day adventure you will get the opportunity to see more than many local San Juan residents will ever experience.

We specialize in small group, all inclusive, multi-day sea kayak trips in the San Juans.

  • On these multi-day sea kayaking expeditions we strictly adhere to a 6 guest per guide ratio. All trips larger than 6 people will have two guides.
  • Groups of 5 or more guests can choose to have a private kayaking experience!
    (multi-day trips only)
  • A small sea kayaking group can move much more efficiently. We need less time attending to logistical issues like setting up or breaking camp and have more time for exploring and having fun in the San Juan Islands.
  • All camping and kayaking equipment is provided, as are all meals, including lunches.

The longer multi-day sea kayaking expeditions are best suited for folks in reasonably good shape. Occasionally there is a need to make a long push to get to the next campsite and we would not want to wear anyone out on a long crossing. We actually design these trips to be a little more physically involved. 5 day trips might average 8-10 miles per day paddling.

Anacortes Kayak Tours reserves the right to change or cancel available departure dates and prices. Once you book a kayak tour with us we will run it, as long as weather conditions permit us to conduct a safe sea kayaking excursion.

On multiday kayaking trips we do have a minimum of two people to run the trip, this is a matter of safety, not economics.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions or would like additional details on any of our trips.

This trip to Cypress Island was my first experience kayaking in the San Juan Islands, or Puget Sound. I was glad to realize how much personal interest you two owners took in the guests, yet not over-selling your business, and in providing what I considered was a perfect tour. I would recommend Anacortes Kayak Tours to anyone interested in kayaking in the San Juans.

Warm regards from both of us,
Cynthia Dietz and Susan Larsen

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