Why Choose Anacortes Kayak Tours?

We realize that it is difficult to be 1000% better than other companies, so at Anacortes Kayak Tours we strive to be 1% better in 1000 different ways.

If you are looking at other kayak outfitter’s web sites, you’re probably wondering how to tell us apart. With everyone claiming to be the best, how can you know? We think that we do a darned good job, but we also feel that “the best” is a fairly subjective value, so here’s a few reasons why we feel that you would enjoy kayaking with us:

Location, Location, Location!

AKT has trips that depart from both sides of the San Juan Island ferry route. There are a variety of choices that depart from Anacortes / Fidalgo Island, and also from Friday Harbor / San Juan Island. This means that you are sure to find a trip that best suits your needs and interests!

Anacortes (Home Port to the San Juan Islands) is an easy 90 minute drive from Seattle and is located on beautiful Fidalgo Island. The west side of Fidalgo Island offer outstanding views of the Olympic Mountains and the rest of the San Juan Islands. The islands located just offshore of our kayak docks have incredible wildlife viewing opportunities and offer exceptional kayaking routes.

Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island, is one of the top tourist destinations in Washington State. All of our kayak tours depart from the San Juan County Park or Roche Harbor on the scenic west side of San Juan Island. On these trips you will be paddling in the federally proposed “Orca Whale Sanctuary”. Although all of our tour locations enjoy whale encounters during the summer months, our tours departing from Friday Harbor/San Juan Island have a slight statistical advantage over our Anacortes departures. (That being said, we do not like to set our customers up with unreasonable expectations. Please call us, or refer to our Kayaking with Whales page if you have any questions.)

Customer Service

It’s all about you. We have no misconceptions about this, and that’s why people like us. Our kayak company operates under the idea that “If you work hard, and be nice to others, then good things will come your way.” It’s true, and it works.

We are committed to making sure that you get what you are looking for, and that your needs are met. That’s why you won’t hear us making wild claims about kayaking with Orca whales, or any other gimmick to get you to join a trip.

Our goal is to help people create a rewarding experience, and our large number of repeat guests reaffirm that we are doing our job well. Going the extra mile to help you find the appropriate lodging, or helping you plan your itinerary may take some effort, but it is just as important to us that you enjoy your stay in Washington and have a great time as it is that you book a trip with us. We understand that if you have fun, you’ll be back…and so will your friends. Our staff are bright, happy, and fun loving folks who will focus on your individual needs.

No Disappointments Necessary! — A worry free experience.

Plans change, things happen, and sometimes they just seem to go wrong.

During the busy summer months there are days when the San Juan Island ferries run into problems. Sailings can be delayed without notice, sometimes for hours. With another kayak company if you miss your scheduled kayak trip due to these delays then you often have no other options available. With AKT you won’t miss a thing. We will happily transfer your booking to one of the many trips that we offer from Anacortes. Our Half Day and Full Day trips depart just two minutes away from the San Juan Ferry Terminal, and our Deception Pass tours are just a short drive down the road. Your vacation time is important, let us do the worrying. Our priority is to get you on the water and having fun!

Our Guides

We are extremely fortunate to have been able to attract, and retain, some truly outstanding individuals to lead our trips. Anyone who has been on any sort of guided trip understands the necessity of having a quality leader. Our staff are chosen for their leadership skills and judgment, and for their ability to provide you with knowledge of the area in a fun and meaningful way.

Our Trip Destinations

If you would rather have a unique sea kayaking experience that doesn’t feel crowded, then Anacortes Kayak Tours is your natural choice. We are the exclusive sea kayak tour company in Deception Pass State Park, and the most widely operating kayak company in the eastern San Juan Islands. Whether you are joining us for a short trip in Deception Pass State Park, kayaking around Burrows Island, or taking on a five-day kayak expedition throughout the San Juan Islands, you are sure to see the best that this remarkable region has to offer.

Safety/Risk Management

Our first priority is that everybody comes home safe and sound. Proper training to prevent accidents is more important to us than any other part of the business.

Our kayak guides go through a comprehensive training regiment before leading tours on their own. We bring in a team of world-class kayak coaches (Body Boat Blade International) to lead a series of multi-day kayaking seminars that hone our skills to a fine edge prior to the summer season. It’s exciting to see that finally other San Juan Island kayaking companies have followed our lead and recognized the importance of professional instruction for professional guides.

We also have several weeks of in-house training where we work on more skills, rescues, and risk management procedures. To back-up our risk management training, we have invested in the top safety equipment in the industry.

Even on our day-trips our guides carry a minimum of: VHF Marine radio, cell phones, Northwater towing systems, hand-held flares, aerial flares, smoke signals, a comprehensive repair kit, first-aid kits, extra clothes, charts, compasses, and rescue knives.

We also have great relationships with the local water-taxis, fishermen, whale watch companies, and tour boats in case there should ever be a need for a boat to come and pick us up.

Locally Owned and Operated

The Schorr Family

Owners Megan and Erik Schorr were born and raised here in western Washington. They have been on the waters of the Puget Sound their whole lives, and have guided and kayaked along every nook and cranny in the San Juans for over 20 years. Living here in Anacortes provides them with the opportunity to raise their two sons with the same experiences that they have had. For them Anacortes Kayak Tours is more than just a business, it’s the natural continuance of a way of life. Nothing pleases them more than to be able to share the experience with others.

I just wanted to pause and say thank you so much for a wonderful visit to the San Juan Islands. We had a lovely time and it was such a special part of our trip this last month. Despite some crummy weather the trip was superb and Saturday was particularly special for me. I was so happy I was practically levitating! And of course Saturday was rounded off by some wonderful beach theatre!

Many thanks again — a big South African hug — Baie Dankie bru!
Kylie and Roger

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Why choose Anacortes Kayak Tours?

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