Close encounters with a killer whale while on a kayak tour
Kayaking with Orca whales, San Juans
Child holds sea cucumber while kayaking and camping near Cypress Island, Washington
Camping and exploring the Cypress Island Reserve by sea kayak.
Views of Orcas Island and Lopez Island, kayaking to Friday Harbor
Kayaking to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island
sea kayaker encounters a whale while kayaking in the San Juan Islands, near Anacortes Washington
Kayaking with whales in the San Juan Islands
Looking for whales while sea kayaking near Anacortes, Washington
Looking for whales with Anacortes Kayak Tours
Child examines a sea urchin while sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands, Washington State
Hands-on wildlife encounter from a kayak!
Harbor seal warming on the rocks, Cypress Island, Washington
Seal resting, Cypress Island, San Juan Islands
The Burrows Island Lighthouse, and a sunset over the San Juan Islands
Sunset over the San Juan Islands, Burrows Lighthouse
Calm seas for a kid-friendly kayaking experience in the San Juan Islands
Kayaking with kids in the San Juan Islands
A fun hands-on wildlife encounter while sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands, Washington State
Sea Urchin in the San Juan Islands National Monument
#1 Outdoor Activity in Anacortes 2013 - 2016
Traveler Rated #1 Sea Kayaking in the San Juan Islands

Kayaking the San Juan Islands with Anacortes Kayak Tours

Sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands; the most convenient, scenic, and affordable kayaking trips in the San Juan Islands can be found right here!

No Experience Necessary! Join us!!

Guided Sea Kayak Adventures in an Extraordinary Inland Sea

Kayaking in the San Juan Islands of Washington State should be on everyone’s bucket list. Nowhere else on Earth is it so convenient to launch your kayak in hopes of an eye-level encounter with an Orca whale, or perhaps getting flash-mobbed by a herd of curious seals.

Start your Washington State kayak vacation in style and join Anacortes Kayak Tours for the ultimate experience in “soft adventure” - sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands!

The San Juan Islands and surrounding areas boast some of the most productive wildlife viewing opportunities in the Puget Sound of Washington State. Our staff of professional sea kayaking guides know just how to maximize your chances of encounters with porpoise, seals, whales, and a host of intertidal sea creatures.

Sea kayaking on the protected waters of the Puget Sound region is one of the most popular ways for visitors to experience the San Juan Islands and is an activity that should not be missed. Whether you are just visiting Washington for a few days, or are fortunate enough to live here, you should not let this opportunity pass you by!

Anacortes Sea Kayaking Trips

The significant geographical advantage of being located in Anacortes, the Home Port of the San Juan Islands, means that we are able to offer you a variety of sea kayaking adventures to choose from. With families, couples, and single travelers in mind, we have created a variety of sea kayaking tours to match your needs, budget, and available time. The shorelines surrounding Fidalgo Island, where the seaside town of Anacortes is located, are exceptional and boast a wide array of fascinating wildlife and extraordinary views.

Whether you are looking for a kayaking day trip, a family kayak tour, or a longer multi day sea kayaking expedition, Anacortes is the best place to start. No San Juan Islands ferry trip is required for our Anacortes departures, allowing you to control your own schedule and maximize your vacation time!

Sea Kayaking from Friday Harbor, San Juan Island,

Are you heading out to the Friday Harbor and San Juan Island anyways? You will love our day trips which depart from the northwest shores of San Juan Island, just 20 minutes from the lovely town of Friday Harbor (98250). If a San Juan Island kayak camping trip is what you are looking for then you’ll love our 3-day or 5-day trips which depart from both Orcas Island and Friday Harbor, San Juan Island.

Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island is the county seat and the island shares the same name as the San Juan Islands archipelago. If you are taking the San Juan Ferry then you’ll enjoy this enchanting coastal town.

Due to the popularity of our award winning sea kayaking trips, reservations are highly recommended during the months of June, July, and August. We look forward to seeing you!

We had a wonderful trip. Blake was a great guide. Very relaxed and nice pace. The side trip to the light house was magical, and nice to get out and stretch. You do a good job of getting people out on the water safely and comfortably. The equipment was top notch. Well done!!! We will let friends know about the great trip we had.

Thanks again!
Barbara Beattie

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